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Testimonial by Chizoba Onyekere

MJ Test Prep graduate from 2016


"As a senior in high school, I knew that I wanted to attend a great university; however, I recognized that one hurdle that I would have to overcome was the standardized testing portion of my college application. I always dreamed of attending the University of Pennsylvania and was prepared to work hard to gain admission to this institution. Although I studied for months for the SAT, I was not able to obtain the SAT score I would need to be competitive to gain admission to Penn. Luckily, my college counselor introduced me to MJ Test Prep and was able to get me a meeting with Matt Joseph. It was at this meeting that Matt offered me subsidized SAT prep at his center for the few months leading up to my next test.  It was at my private tutoring sessions that I gained access to the resources that I needed to achieve my dreams. My tutor gave me new study materials and practice exams every week, and I immediately saw an improvement in my scores. I was provided with many different worksheets and practice tests to help me perfect my new skills at home. During my time at MJ Test Prep, I strengthened the areas of the exam that I struggled with and improved on each section of the exam. My tutor pushed me to do better while also encouraging me to never give up. I left MJ test prep feeling well prepared for the SAT and confident that I was truly ready to take the SAT. At the conclusion of my prep, I saw my SAT score improve by roughly 400 points. A few months later in March, I received my acceptance letter to the University of Pennsylvania. Without MJ Test Prep, I would have never achieved the score I needed to get into UPenn. I learned so much during the time at the center and gained skills that I still use to this day. MJ Test Prep made me a better test taker and overall a better student! I will always be appreciative of MJ Test Prep because they helped me turn my dreams into a reality."