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Ways to Support

Tax-Deductible Donation


The purpose of MJ Test Prep Foundation is to promote educational equity by funding educational programs for students in need so that all students have access to learning. Your tax-deductible contribution allows us to bring this purpose to life.

  • $50 one one-hour session of SAT preparation for one student

  • $200 one month of weekly one-hour sessions of SAT preparation for one student

  • $750 comprehensive fifteen-session SAT preparation course for one student

  • $1,500 comprehensive fifteen-session SAT preparation course for two students

  • $3,750 comprehensive fifteen-session SAT preparation course for five students

  • $7,500 comprehensive fifteen-session SAT preparation course for ten students

Corporate Matching Gifts


Corporate matching gifts can double or even triple your donation. The Human Resources department at your workplace can provide you with instructions on how to process a match – it usually takes about five minutes to fill out a matching gift form. Thank you for going the extra mile!

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